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You'll love your PREMIUM account

Estimate the value of your collection
Thanks to a unique algorithm, COLEKA is able to calculate the value of your collection in real time. We base our estimations on the prices actually recorded and practiced by both collectors and professional sellers. You can follow the evolution of the value of your collection day after day.

You also have access to the estimated value of items you do not own yet. A true indicator for your future purchases and resales.
Swap assistant
When you trade, do you really know the value of what's in the barter? With the COLEKA PREMIUM swap assistant, you can find out whether the barter you are offering is fair or not. The same applies to the swap offers you receive. This way, you will know when the proposal is fair, when it is advantageous or against you.
Contact buyers
You have access to the identity of the buyers and you can send them proposals, based on their price offers. Even more interesting: when possible, we will let you know if you have the opportunity to group several items and propose them to the same buyer.
Optimize your sales, resell your duplicates
You get a new section that shows you which buyers are interested in your objects. COLEKA will find for you the best resale opportunities for your collection, by grouping sales with the same buyers. All this with the aim of finding you the best buyer by limiting shipping costs.

You can set up your buyer searches on a specific collection or only on duplicate items.
Printable & customizable lists
It is sometimes very practical to have a list in paper format: no need of internet connection, quick note-taking, give someone the list of what you are looking for...

With the PREMIUM account, you can print any list on COLEKA, based on the criteria you have defined: a whole series, only the items you are looking for, only what I have, a list based on the results of the search engine, only for the year 1984? You set the contents of your lists.

You will also be able to choose the fields you wish to appear on your lists: Release date, image, estimated value, rarity index, note-taking fields, pre-ticked box for the objects you already have... everything is customizable!

$17.84 / year

Introductory price