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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


You have questions ? We certainly have the answer!

COLEKA is a service dedicated to collectors. It is made to accurately track your collection, manage its budget, to know your missing items, to create buy offers, manage your doubles and resell them.

The principle is very simple: we identify collections, you tick what you have, and the magic occures!

Ideally, COLEKA can identify any type of collection . However, we limit ourselves to the collections that are referenceable, when the items that compose it are identifiable and quantifiable.

As a result, we do not show collections like key rings, pins or postcards.

If your collection does not appear in our listings, just contact us to request its addition .

Any user can sell or buy on COLEKA. You just have to sign-in first.

We take absolutely no charge on the transactions that are carried out via COLEKA. We simply connect people.

If your collection does not appear in our listings, just contact us to request its addition. We will add it soon.

If you have your own listings , regardless of the format, you can make us save us a lot of time sending us your lists. We'll add your files to COLEKA's database with the information you have provided.

It is quite possible, we are human beings! In this case, do not hesitate to help us improve our listings: you will thus help the whole collectors community.

You will find on every page, a link "Report a wrong information". Just click on it or use our contact form . We will correct the mistake immediately.

No, not yet, but the website is fully compatible and optimized for mobile or tablet.

Sometimes with some messengers (eg hotmail) the registration message may be classified as " SPAM ": first, go and check in this folder on your email account.

If our email is placed in "junk mail", open it and try to find a button or link "Not Junk" or "This message is safe " or " No-SPAM ". Click this link in order to receive in the future all our messages about your collection.

You can also contact us using our contact form: we will send you your access codes in another way.

If you need any other information, please contact us .